Designing great brushes for Procreate boils down to understanding the Brush Studio settings, and how they will affect the look and performance of each one you create. Until now, the best way to get to a place where you can make powerful and innovative brushes was to dig deep into the settings, play with each and every one to see what they do, and slogging through endless trial and error.


With Brush Builder, you get 17 custom brush templates to serve as a launchpad for just about any style of brush you have in mind. Whether you're looking to create a high-contrast lettering powerhouse, a realistic, texture-rich bristle brush, or even one with a 3D effect that pops right off the screen, you'll find starter brushes for all of those ideas and much more here. Each template has all the most important settings in place to provide a brush with the specific functionality you’re looking for, with basic shapes and grains that you can replace to make them truly unique, and exactly what you need for your next project.


Experienced brush designers will tell you that even brushes that look similar often require different kinds of settings to do what they’re supposed to. These templates incorporate all that behind-the-scenes stuff, so you can focus on the right shape and grain combos, and get to using them faster.


Speaking of shapes and grains, you also get a large starter library of 40+ all-new custom brush shapes and 30+ custom tileable grains to give you over 20,000 possible combinations right out of the box.


Brush Templates Included

  • Inline Flexible Felt Tip
  • High Contrast Rough
  • High Contrast Clean
  • Low Contrast Clean
  • Speed Responsive
  • Flat Flexible Bristle
  • Inline Bristle Tip
  • Inline Cross-Stroke Gradient
  • Mono-Weight Perpendicular Pen
  • 3D Effect
  • Gradient Painter
  • Gradient Stamp
  • Pattern Painter
  • Single Stamp


Dual Brush Experimental Templates

  • Auto Inline
  • Ribbon/Stencil



  • Neon Bulb (one of my favorite, most complex brushes designs, never before available in any of my sets)


You also get a guide detailing each brush template, with a description of what they’re best for and tips for getting creative with them.


You’re free to create your own brushes with this and use them in any work you want, commercial or otherwise, with no licensing. If you want to use this as a foundation for producing your own brushes for sale, you’re absolutely welcome to do so, but you’ll need the commercial license, which can be purchased here.

Procreate Brush Builder Template Kit


ZIP file containing Procreate .brushset file, PDF user guide, and shape/grain image files