If you already own my first brush set, you definitely don't need to buy the new Deluxe set to get those great bonus brushes. You can simply get those alone right here! 


I never planned to make any serious or profound efforts to have a substantial brush-selling business, but I designed a collection for myself as I found a need for them, and then made them available to others retroactively. I still primarily use those same brushes to this day, but I have accumulated a few additional ones over the last few years. Rather than forcing a bunch of new brushes into existence to flesh out a new full set, I figured I'd re-release my trusty workhorse set in the "Deluxe" version, album style.


I appreciate all of you who have ever bought my brushes, and I wanted to give you an easy and affordable way to sweeten up the set.



Prefer buying brushes with Creative Market credits? It's available there, too. 

Lettering Brushes for Procreate (Bonus Brushes Only)

  • 7* custom brushes, specifically designed to perform truly realistic strokes, simulating numerous popular professional lettering tools

*One of seven brushes is a specially tuned streamline version of Hamrick Ink Flat