Lettering Brushes for Procreate



I've been using the iPad Pro and Procreate to produce high-end, professional lettering work since first acquiring this incredible device over four years ago.


During that time, I've developed and fine-tuned a set of brushes that allow me to execute virtually any lettering style I want, without any real shortcomings, compared to the results I'd get using the actual analog tools that these digital brushes were created to simulate.

In the past couple years, I've used these same brushes to produce work for companies like Google, Samsung, Target, Hallmark, Strava, Task Rabbit, and many more. Finally, I've taken the time to package these up to share with everyone!

You can purchase the whole set for just $15 here:


  • 14 custom brushes, specifically designed to perform truly realistic strokes, simulating numerous popular professional lettering tools


  • Detailed Installation Guide PDF with screenshots and links to more help


  • Apple iPad


  • Apple Pencil (or comparable, higher-end pressure-sensitive stylus)